Happy Diwali Activities, Ideas, Gifts, Crafts, Diwali Books For Children

This is the time of the year for which children wait eagerly. It is none other than the Diwali vacation. This time they get free of their midterm exams and breathe a sigh of relief from their daily routine of school and homework. This Diwali season they can utilise the vacation by doing many useful things. They can do many activities related to Diwali and get ideas how to celebrate it. They can make gifts on their own, make some crafts and read some books. This would make them busy during their vacation apart from playing which is also mandatory.

Funny Happy Diwali Activities For Children

This Diwali the kids can look forward to making a Fireworks Greeting Card. The things they will need for making it are black card stock, scissors, papers of different colours, a pencil, a glue stick, some letter stickers or die cuts and glittering glue pens. Follow as per the given instructions: –

  • Cut and fold a piece of a black card stock.
  • Use a pencil to draw lines on the front of the card that resembles the fireworks. Fireworks can be drawn by making dots, dashes, curved or squiggly lines radiating outward from a centre point. You can resize and print the fireworks colouring page in the “Resources” to use them as a template, if you want. You can overlap two or three to make it look like a big display.
  • Trace over your fireworks lines with colourful glitter glue pens. If you are overlapping firework bursts, use one or two different colours per burst so they can be differentiated from each other. If you want to make one big burst, make it multicoloured to give it pizzazz.
  • Write a Happy Diwali greeting across the bottom of the black card cover with your glitter glue. Allow it to dry.
  • Print your message in the inside of the card on a light-colored piece of paper. Cut it to fit the inside of the card and glue it to the black card stock.
  • Your Fireworks Greeting Card is ready!

Best Happy Diwali Ideas For Children

This Diwali there are many ideas to keep the kids occupied with one or the other activities that would help them celebrate a memorable Diwali. The chidren can make handmade cards this Diwali and give  them to their loved ones among the family members. They can make beautiful different crafts of firecrackers and celebrate a noise free Diwali by adorning the crafts to their walls.  Children can make beautiful Rangolis in front of their house entrances by getting different design ideas. Kids can use scrap papers to make beautiful greeting cards to give to family and friends. Children can try out making Mosaic greeting cards for this auspicious occasion.

Sweet Happy Diwali Gifts For Children

Many ideas cross our mind while buying a Diwali gift for children. We want them to useful, safe and joyful all at the same time. It is quite tough in deciding what to buy for the children. As it is Diwali crackers are always our first choice. Apart from that one can also give nice looking cloths of the size of the children. For children who are creative block games are a better choice. For girls, anytime Barbie doll set of toys would make their day. Similar with boys for bike and car toys. The all time favourite gifts for children are a nice set of sweets and chocolates that are their favourite.

Happy Diwali Activities For Childrens, Happy Diwali Ideas For Childrens, Diwali Gifts For Childrens, Happy Diwali Crafts For Children, Diwali Books For Children
Happy Diwali Activities, Ideas, Gifts, Crafts, Diwali Books For Children

Happy Diwali Crafts For Children

For Diwali there are many beautiful symbols of the festival like candles, lights, rangoli, flowers and fireworks which can be shown in the form of craft. This would in turn explore the young minds of children. Hanging Diwali lamps made out of papers would be an awesome idea. Children can make use of old unused bangles to make out of it Old Bangle Lamp Holder. Many CDs which are no longer in use can be used to make decorations out of them. Children can colour the earthen pot diyas with beautiful colours before lighting them beside their rangolis. Using paper rolls which lie around the houses one can make decorative fireworks out of them. They can also try out paper flower garland which can be hung anywhere in the house.

Happy Diwali Books For Children

This Diwali the children can make the most out of reading books. They can look forward in reading the books from the following authors: –

  • Diwali: Holidays and Festivals by Nancy Dickmann
  • Holidays Diwali by Rebecca Pettiford
  • Diwali by Trudi Strain Trueit
  • Diwali Hindu Festival of Lights by June Preszler
  • Diwali: A Cultural Adventure by Sana Hoda Sood
  • Diwali (Holidays) by Julie Murray
  • Diwali Celebrations by Chris Deshpande
  • Here Comes Diwali: The Festival of Lights by Meenal Pandya
  • Diwali: Hindu Festival of Lights written by Dianne M.MacMillan
  • Diwali: Hindu Festival of Lights, Feasts and Family by Michelle Parker-Rock
Happy Diwali Activities For Childrens, Happy Diwali Ideas For Childrens, Diwali Gifts For Childrens, Happy Diwali Crafts For Children, Diwali Books For Children
Happy Diwali Activities, Ideas, Gifts, Crafts, Diwali Books For Children

These are some of the books about the Diwali Festival which the children can read and know about. Apart from these they can also buy some fun-filled Diwali activity books which would help them involve in some activities and bring out in them some creative ideas. They can also get different colouring books and make the most out of the festival.

These are the different activities, ideas, gifts, crafts and books for the children which would help them celebrate the most out of this Diwali festival.